Return to School Video Model and Language Recommendations

Visual supports are helpful for all learners.

Consider creating a custom video model of your school and protocols for families and students to learn what to expect when they arrive back to school.

    • E.g. drop-off protocol, entering school, leaving school, what room/classes available (music, gym, library, computers), recess activities and routines, classroom set-up
    • See the below link for a SD61 example video: 

Back to School Video Model

  • Ensure your video model (or social story) uses simple language that is accessible for all – see the below link for language recommendations:

Language for Back to School Resources



Recreational Respite Resource During Covid-19

Recreational Respite offers meaningful inclusive activity through one to one recreation therapy respite to children and youth of a variety of ages and complex needs.  As of April 1, 2020 they are continuing in person services, as per family’s requests with COVID precautions.  They also are offering one to one and small group virtual sessions. They offer services throughout BC: Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Interior, Prince George, Okanagan and beyond.  They offer individualized programming based on family and child priorities and needs. Recreational Respite’s supports and services are recognized by public/ministry and private foundations for funding or reimbursement for families who qualify.

To learn more about their services visit:

Or contact them directly at 1-877-855-7070 or

Alexa in Therapy and Schools

Voice activated controls, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, are growing in popularity in people’s home, schools and community settings. From requesting music, the weather, date and time, searching the web, to do lists, telling a joke, turning on lights or fans- these are just some of the examples of how individuals are using their devices. These devices can be considered for students with expressive verbal language, that may have a vision impairment and/or motor challenges. Please discuss with your student’s therapists or contact your Inclusion Outreach case manager.

Further skills can be supported in schools through Alexa “skills” or add-ons that are free to download through Check out this link that summarizes how to obtain Alexa “skills” that can support students to develop executive functioning, note taking, relaxation/regulation and listening comprehension practice: