Student Websites

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Developed in collaboration with Open School BC, a branch of the Ministry of Education that develops distance education courses, student websites are essentially courses about our students using Brightspace distance education platform.  Information is stored on secure Canadian servers located at the Ministry.

Inclusion Outreach develops a password protected, secure student specific website for each student upon acceptance. The websites are an electronic repository that provides easy access to up-to-date, student-specific information for those professionals who work with our students.  The intent of the website is to follow a student through their school career with permission to access the site being passed to their current case manager as they move through the grades.

After an on-site visit, the student website permits the Inclusion Outreach team to provide follow-up service at a distance and facilitate ongoing involvement with the school team.  For example, videos uploaded to the student’s website can be viewed by the Inclusion Outreach team and feedback provided.  Videos and reports archived on the student’s site can provide a record of student progress and skill development.  As well, student websites provide useful information to receiving teachers and to adult service agencies and service providers at key points in transition.